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  1. Red October Chocolate Factory- Without chocolate, the celebration has always been considered incomplete. Red October is one of the Moscow’s the most beloved manufactures. It is widely popular among the party lovers. Red October Chocolate Factory is a perfect answer when someone asks “What To See In Moscow”. One who is going to visit this city must not skip it.
  2. GUM and TSUM – If you are a Shopaholic, then GUM and TSUM is just like a paradise for you. Here, you must not miss the chance to buy some kind of incredible products to gift your loved one. They both are the prominent mall and have always been considered very popular among the visitors.
  3. Red Square – The man-made incredible place and worth to visit. Without visiting Red Square, your journey will not be considered complete. When it comes about visiting this lovely place, no one can afford to miss it. It has always been considered one of the most important places to visit.
  4. Saint Basil Cathedral – It is considered the landmark of this beautiful place. It is regarded as the most famous building to visit.
  5. Tretykov Gallery- Do you hold a special place for the Art in your heart. You must not skip this place. It has an incredible collection of Russian art to make you infused with the great knowledge.
  6. Gastronome No 1- If you are the kind of person dedicated to making yourself healthy and fit, you must not skip the Soviet Grocery Store considered no one. You must head to explore it.
  7. Iberian Chapel – Do you hold true inclination towards spirituality; it is time to head one of the smallest chapels in Moscow. The visitors who come to explore this place never skip it as it enough to bring the tranquillity of the mind within no time.
  8. Alexander Garden – It associates to a glorious history and worth to visit. Not only among the locals, but it has always been a favourite among the foreigners too.
  9. Sparrow Hills – If you wish to explore nature closely, heading Sparrow Hills is a great option to choose. It is one of the highest points in Moscow and serves a wide array of mesmerizing views.
  10. Kermlin – Would not you love to treat your eyes give the most beautiful panoramic views of Kremline from Patriarch’s bridge. It has always been creating a great buzz among the newlyweds, tourists and photographers to add an eye-catching background in the back.