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Three Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara

The Douglas Family Preserve

Known amidst the long-time locals as Wilcox property, this 70 acre Douglas Family Preserve is the best place in Santa Barbara for easy hikes. Named after is star contributor, that is Michael Douglas as well as his father Kirk, this scenic trail is popular amidst the dog owners as well. This trail allows the dogs to roam around freely unleashed and not have any threats upon them. Here there are stunning sea cliffs, the 3 mile trail that comes with oaks, eucalyptus trees and the cypress trees with excellent views of the ocean and Arroyo Burro Beach beneath. If you are lucky you might even get a glimpse of whales and dolphins offshore.

Cold Spring East Fork

This is one of the best loved canyon trails in Santa Barbara. The Cold Spring East Fork provides scenic pools beneath shadowy alders that are perfect for an idle stroll. Visitors have the chance to adjust the trail length in order to cater to their hiking capacity and energy level, along with options that range from simple jaunts to first pools, giving kids the scope to hunt for the salamanders and frogs to the East Camino Cielo, which is a 4.5 mile one-way hike. Furthermore, the hike starts from the Mountain Drive in Montecito and comprises of many creek crossings and carries on the past pools and little waterfalls.

Cathedral Peak

If you seek challenges in your hiking trails, the Cathedral Peak is the best option for you! This is a daunting 4 mile round tour hike that gains about 2,350 feet in height and isn’t suitable for children or anyone that has movement problems. The access to the trailhead is taken from the Tunnel Road, approximately 3 quarters of a mile beyond the locked gate. Visitors have the chance to follow the Jesusita Trail till such time it descends to Mission Canyon. On the way tourists can also check-out the scenic views of Seven Falls.