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Way to Plan Trip to Verbier

Verbier is one of the most beautiful places where the rich, famous and everyone are seen enjoying together. As it is a year round holiday destination, you can visit this place anytime of the year depending upon how you want to spend your vacation. The charm of this little village in Switzerland promises the most beautiful and adventurous holidays. It is also a place that plays host to world renowned competitions in ski races during winter and bike races during summer. Therefore, you will have plenty of things to do in Verbier during winter and summer seasons. As both seasons attract lot of tourists it is important that you book your choice of hotels in Verbier in advance as there is no way that you will find accommodation on your arrival.

Important Factors to Consider

Knowing that there aren’t any historical places to see in Verbier it is important that you plan your trip very carefully. There are several important factors you must take into account while planning your vacation. Take into account the kind of activities you would be interested in based on which you need to decide whether you want to plan your holiday during the summer season or winter season. Consider the mode of transportation you want to hire from Geneva airport to the village as there are several interesting options to choose from. Consider the type of Verbier hotel you would like to book, because there are hotels that offer great views of the Alps along with luxurious facilities.

Tips for Planning Your Trip

One of the most important things you must do is, make all the necessary bookings in advance such as flight tickets, transportation from Geneva airport to Verbier, your accommodation and bookings to various activities. If skiing is your main purpose of the trip then choose hotels in Verbier that are located close to skiing slopes. Make sure that you have also booked all the skiing equipment that you need. Make sure to pack the right type of clothing. To reach Verbier from Geneva airport, there are several transportation options. If you plan to take the train then remember you have to travel from Geneva to Martigny to board the Saint Bernard Express, so make sure to time your arrival accordingly.

Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

Whether you are visiting Verbier during the summer season or winter here are some safety tips you must keep in mind. Never venture into the mountain ranges on your own. There are expert local guides that you can hire for your trekking or skiing expeditions. Make sure to hire the best quality skiing and other equipment to minimize the risks. Keep your Verbier hotel informed about your daily schedule and if possible leave basic personal information with them so that they know whom to contact during an emergency.